Golden Ratio’s new “gold roasted” coffee offers a unique, low acid coffee experience

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Robbie Thomas, 22 July 2021

Golden Ratio’s gold roasted coffee offers several things that regular black coffee cannot: bitter free taste, low acidity, and a golden color that doesn’t stain your teeth.  During their first year in business, their team learned that their customers value low acidity more than any other of their coffee’s defining features.  Having just celebrated their one year anniversary, Golden Ratio’s main focus continues to be educating people about gold coffee and finding customers who are likely to have issues with the acidity in black coffee. 

Please tell us a bit about Golden Ratio and how the business was started.

While vacationing in Seattle in 2018, a barista at a premium café served our founder Clark a cup of “gold roasted” coffee.  Clark had all but stopped drinking coffee because it upset his stomach,  but was stunned to find how easily gold coffee went down and how much better it made him feel.  No stomach issues at all, and a nice light and refreshing taste that resembled tea more than traditional black coffee.

Back in Austin, Clark couldn’t find gold coffee anywhere.  Not in stores and not even online.  Clark had spent some time working with another food brand and had been toying with the idea of starting a brand of his own.  He knew other people have various issues with black coffee and saw gold coffee as a solution, he took the leap and founded Golden Ratio to pioneer the “gold roast,” and make gold coffee a mainstream alternative to black coffee.  

What is “gold coffee” and what makes it different than traditional black coffee?

“Gold Coffee” is coffee that has been made using gold roasted beans.  Whereas light, medium, and dark roasts are roasted into or past the first “crack” (a literal crack in the bean), gold coffee is roasted at lower temperatures and never reaches the first crack.  If you drink coffee, you’re drinking light, medium, or dark roast, all of which yield black coffee.  Our beans have a gold color and yield a beautiful golden colored coffee when brewed. 

OK, so the roasting method makes your coffee physically different from black coffee.  What does this mean for taste and drinkability? 

Because our coffee is roasted at lower temperatures, the beans don't reach the level of caramelization that gives coffee the “coffee” taste as we know it.  All of our flavors could be described as tasting more like a full-bodied tea than the flavor we typically associate with black coffee.  Since gold coffee tastes more like tea, we like to think of it as more refreshing than black coffee – it’s completely bitter free and therefore can be enjoyed without adding any sweeteners or creamers.  It also doesn’t give you coffee breath!

Our roasting method also yields a coffee that’s 5x less acidic than regular coffee (based on pH testing). Anecdotally, our customers say this lower acidity makes our coffee much easier to drink, especially if they are dealing with IBS or simply have a sensitive stomach.  Apart from gold coffee’s color and taste, the low level of acidity is without doubt gold coffee’s most distinguishing feature and is the main reason people are drawn to our coffee.

Why did you decided to pursue a low FODMAP certification? 

Since launching Golden Ratio in June 2020, we’ve consistently interviewed and surveyed our customers to get a pulse on why people are buying our coffee and what makes them return for another order. One thing that became clearly evident through these surveys was how many people felt better drinking gold coffee compared to black coffee because of how much less acidity it has. Many of these customers also mentioned having IBS. This prompted us to ask ourselves how we could reach more people with IBS, or others that may be prone to having a negative reaction from regular coffee. 

In the process of searching for people with IBS and other gut health issues, we heard several mentions of how people were using the low FODMAP diet to address their IBS symptoms.  That led us to reading a through some of the research published by Monash University, as well as about their certification program.  We realized that getting certified by Monash meant we could reach a large pool of people dealing with gut health issues and make them feel confident about trying a coffee with less potential for stomach trouble, so it was a no brainer in the end.

What are some other things that people following the low FODMAP diet should know about your coffee? 

We just finished testing for heavy metals and mycotoxins, which all came back negative.  We use premium beans that are highly unlikely to ever have mycotoxins or presence of heavy metals, but we realized having actual lab tests was really important for some of our customers and affiliate partners.  

Apart from being low in acidity and rigorously tested for quality, our coffee is bitter free, so there’s no need to add sweeteners or creamer.  It also won’t stain your teeth or give you coffee breath!  

What has the feedback been like since you launched?

Launching a new category of product isn’t easy, as we need to do more to educate our customers than we would if we were selling black coffee.  Coffee that tastes like tea is an unfamiliar concept to people, so it’s our job to teach them that coffee can in fact taste different from what they’re used to.  That being said, our team’s efforts to “spread the golden coffee gospel” are paying off.  We’re finding a LOT of people out there who love Golden Ratio because it solves a problem they have with their black coffee or allows them to change up their coffee routine from time to time.    

I think this review sums up our customer feedback best:

"I stopped drinking coffee ages ago because it never made me feel good – jitters, upset stomach, acid reflux, it wasn’t pleasant. It’s been YEARS since I’ve enjoyed coffee.

But Golden Ratio is UNIQUE. Yes, it’s coffee but, prepared like tea (easier clean up) and no jitters!

No acidity. It’s so smooth, you don’t need to add anything to your mug – no milks, no sweeteners, it’s perfect just the way it is.

I’m so happy to have coffee back in my life for a little pep in my step, without the side effects."

Where can people find Golden Ratio?  

We’re available online at to customers in the USA. We are hoping to add a number of coffee shops and distribution in other countries in the coming months!

Want to give Golden Ratio a try? Use the code 'FODMAP' at checkout for a 15% discount on our Monash FODMAP Certified Original Gold Coffee Pouches 

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